Every dot was a ship sunk by enemy torpedoes

World War Two U-Boats Attack FLORIDA Florida was one of only three active combat theaters in the Western Hemisphere.  Nazi U-boats attacked the Florida Straits, Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean, sinking 98 ships with torpedoes.  Nazi sabateurs came ashore near Jacksonville.                                                                               Headquarters for our defense was in Miami.  The US Navy, the Cuban Navy and the Brazilian Navy  fought together to win.                             

Army tank guarding Flagler Street

in ​downtown Miami

The battle between Navy blimp K-74 and Nazi U-boat U-134 took place at midnight July 17, 1943 off Key Largo

Cuban Navy Subchaser CS-13 sank Nazi U-boat U-564 off Cayo Romano.  Note the Cuban flag on the fantail and El Morro in background. This photo taken on the docks at La Habana.